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His writings and speaking have social messages which act as a guiding hand. He imparts positivity to the readers and listeners and inspires them to be a better person for the society. He acts as a friend to provide the most time worthy counselling.


He is a proud author of 20+ best selling books. His books are recognised and honoured by millions of people throughout the globe. As his finest work, fiction is based on reality and allows the people to relate to their lives.

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In the fast-moving world, we tend to feel lonely at times. So, to combat the loneliness our author provides stage shows and talks. He has successfully imparted his knowledge on various social evils. His speaking has been admired by people.

About Me

I’m Jasvinder Sharma, an Indian writer, speaker and a counsellor.An author of 20+ best selling books. My books have been an inspirational guide for all the readers out there.  

Bestseller Books

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Aadgaari Kahaniya

Ulajha huya yaksh prashn

Sweet Home Hindi 

This book highlights the importance of home sweet home. People living in old age homes share their bitter experiences with other inmates of old age home and before an audience in an annual function.

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The books by Javinder Sharma are purely worthy of our time.


I have enjoyed every one of his writing. They help to get a reality check of our society.


I have attended his stage show in Chandigarh. His words were filled with inspiration. Therefore, he acts as a mentor


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I am here to guide you with my writings and speaking. For developing you as a socially and personally responsible person

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