The Struggle of Being a Writer

The Struggle of Being a Writer

I’ve never had any trouble finding out what I would like to accomplish in my life. Since I realized that I loved reading as a young person I knew I would be an author. I was fascinated by the thought of telling stories; being able of moving people the way the stories I read. of the books I read. However, even though I’d some of my way figured out however, there are still many discoveries to be discovered.

It can be particularly difficult for writers who are hopeful to determine their path in the future. We’ve been reading a variety of fantastic novels and stories when we’re in school that we automatically believe that this is how we’ll write in the future. When I was in high school I was fascinated by authors such as Fitzgerald, J.D. Salinger as well as C.S. Lewis. I believed that since I enjoyed their writing so that much, I had to strive to emulate their style and reputation in my work. I wrote a lot of short stories that didn’t get me anywhere, poems that was boring and unoriginal. I was desperate to become an “great” writer and believed that it meant writing deep, thoughtful pieces. What I did not realize is that the best writing is an outcome of creativity, and the work of people who recognize the strengths they have, and who follow their strengths.

In my junior year of the high school years, I found myself sat in a cafe trying to finish my essay, but putting off the task all the time. I was scribbling in the notebook I then began to write. It was a different poem from the other poems I’ve composed before. It was a funny rhymed poem about a girl who comes across the Teddy bear. I continued writing until I had written three pages. After reading it, I was surprised to see that I was very proud of my work. I’ve never been so happy with my work prior to this.

This poem marked the beginning of my personal journey. In high school I continued creating the “serious” stories, but I would often think about the one poem I’d composed that brought me joy, enthusiasm and joy. In the summer prior to college, I began writing more. But I was slowly but gradually shifting my approach. I took my inspiration from the books I read as a child. read, and I soon am a published author with a small collection of children’s books.

The process took me quite a while to understand that just because believed I would like to write, it doesn’t mean I knew everything out. As writers, we constantly feel like we’re pulled in various directions. We’re influenced by the type of writing that readers are seeking, what writers we admire, as well as our own personal ideas about what the ideal writing style should be about. When I finally put the voices that were nagging within my head and began writing pieces that I really loved, I realized the things I “supposed” to write. It was the one that felt authentic to me.

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